The Ballad of Toki Robinson


notes to be turned into a story later

Finrik StammKo IronfistNorlat (Cinel Oisso)Steelhand FarthingToki RobinsonVetkin

Begins with party attempting to rest in Forge of spells

But the denizens of the cave are very curious after the cave collapse

Party takes a short rest, get’s 1 hour benefit but only 30 minutes actually

Female drow and bugbears come to investigate the cave-in

Scouts hear them inside and peek in, Toki, Steelhand pretend to be the Defender of the Forge/Cave/I am the Cave

Kill bugbears and chase drow

After hilariously bad monk fight, Ko catches her, she surrenders briefly and says “You’ll never stop TBS he is ALL powerful” and then breaks free of his grasp and then jumps off the embankment into the rocks and water below

Steelhand makes an icebridge, and we do one final “ready” check as they wind down the hallway

Vetkin fight goes well, Ko, Toki get inured, Finrik hurt, Vetkin pulls a few punches and tries to telephathically engage them

Fight ends with Vetkin killing his own spider and then they start talking and it’s a shitshow



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