The Ballad of Toki Robinson

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Waving Goodbye to Wave Echo Cave

Finrik StammKo IronfistNorlat (Cinel Oisso)Steelhand FarthingToki RobinsonVetkin

Quote of the Day: Finrik- “My family is no longer with me, my village was attacked by giants. I’m the only one that survived, they all died- because I was the best at living.”

Begins with Vetkin killing his final spider and dropping his guard

Parley with the main villain

joining uncertain forces

bubears cronies put in their place

Vetkin leads them out safely using his recollections and map/notes, using steve groupie of lights

just before leaving the tunnels they see a familiar…face?

Ko has a flashback, and throws the dwarven thrower right into the gel and into belguard’s skull

toki panics when he sees belguard and a wayware ray of frost misses, gel turns the corner

otw out, they take in the scene, steve is dismissed and Tharden’s corpse is carried by Ko

outside it’s 10pm or so, back to phandalin

on the journey, campfire moments, steelhand and co question vetkin, he tells of his past, finrik then relays his past, vetkin is confronted, toki makes a stand

they arrive at the olive goblin with no key, break the door down

bodies piles up and drinks had, ko takes a nap

Huey Long now owns the Olive Goblin (deed changed)

Ko has a dream and leaves

toki raises gundren and finds his brothers, argues with toki and it gets tense

finrik attempts to diffuse the situation

gundren relents and takes his brothers away

ends with the party spending the night at the olive goblin



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