Here is all the magic crap you have stolen and/or taken from dead things that you killed with your own greedy hands:

Pre-Wave Echo Items:
Immovable Rod (David Cameron’s Benefit Show for blacksmith, accidentally dropped in the donation bucket due to a drunken and raucous crowd- perhaps by a mysterious traveler) Toki ID

Javelin of Lightning (Wyvern Tor, Orc’s loot) Darion ID

“Hew”, Dwarven Axe (Thundertree Dragon’s Lair) ??? ID

+1 Longsword, “Talon” (taken from Nothic, one of his coveted “trinkies” after party charmed him and tricked him into showing them his items) Henk

Boots of Striding and Springing (Wave Echo Cave, Tharden Rockseeker’s corpse) Steelhand ID

Wave Echo Forge of Spells items:
Finrik (4-4) +1 and (3-3) +2 arrows, (Cloak of Elvenkind)

Steelhand (Robe of Useful Items p195) Patches: 2 dagger, 2 lantern, 2 mirror, 2 pole, 2 rope. 2 sack, 1 silver coffer, 1 healing pots, 1 ladder, 1 window, 1 door, 1 rowboat, 1 mastiffs

Toki (3) +1 bolts and (2-2) +2 bolts, Belt of Dwarvenkind, Periapt of Health p184)

Norlat (Lightbringer (+1 mace deals 1d6 to undead, lights up when wielded), (Sentinel Shield)

Ko (Gauntlets of Ogre Power p171, Mantle of Spell Resistance)

Henk (Dwarven Plate p167, Dwarven Thrower (Gundren now wields it) p167)

Reidoth’s “Heroes of Phandalin” Reward items:
Finrik (Quiver of Ehlonna, p189 with 14 +1 arrows, and 1 Arrow of Giant Slaying) (Reidoth’s words echoed: “Use it in your time of greatest need against your greatest enemy.”)

Steelhand (Ring of the Ram, p193)

Toki (Glamoured Studded Leather p172, Periapt of Wound Closure (given to Vetkin, then to Fon Fon Rue) )

Norlat (Medallion of Thoughts) -—→ Mordekai

Ko (Ring of Evasion) -—→ Dorash Taken by Vetkin

Dead Henk (Alchemy Jug)¬†——→¬†Vetkin

Scrolls of Augury, Command, Fireball, Detect Good and Evil, Revivify, Silence
Potions: Flying (Favrik), Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Diminution, Grease (x3), Animal Friendship

Mordekai: Scroll of Elemental Weapon

3 (-3) Potion of Healing (Sister Graele)

Laugher’s Gorge items:
strange mask (Finrik)
bag of sand/dust containing water marble- Dust of Dryness with 3 (-1) pinches of dust (Toki)
Xulli’besk book (Vetkin)
Xulli’besk dark gem (Vetkin)
Beshaba’s Box —→ holding Deck of Many Things

From Roison after Laugher’s Gorge:
“Prototype” invisibility potion (x4)
Toki’s “fun bag” from Roison: 1 grease potion, 1 “knockout” potion, 1 “love” potion
Transmutation stone with Darkvision enchantment (Fon Fon Run)



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