Calendar of Harptos

The calendar used in Faerun is comprised of 12 30-day months, with 5 holidays following certain months during the year, totaling 365 days. The calendar loosely follows the syndonic cycle of Selune, the moon. Each “week” is comprised of 10 days, and is called a tenday. Each month is made up of 3 tendays, and is known as a ride. There are 4 well-defined seasons of 3 rides each. Each ride has two names: its formal name and its common name. For example, the late fall ride Uktar is also known as “The Rotting”.

Individual days of a tenday have no special names. Instead, they are denoted by counting from the beginning of the period (“first day”, “second day”, and so on). Days of the month are designated by a number and the month name. For example, sages would record an event as occurring on “1 Flamerule” or “27 Uktar”. People might also refer to a given day by its relationship to the current day (“two tendays from today”) or the nearest holiday (“three days past Greengrass”).

Further, most people don’t keep track of the time of day beyond notions such as “mid-morning” or “nigh sunset”. If people plan to meet at a certain time, they tend to base their arrangements around such expressions (only the rich have access to mechanical clocks, and they are are notoriously unreliable).

The Ballad of Toki Robinson began in the middle of summer, during the ride of Flamerule- “Summertide”.

Calendar of Harptos for the Year 1492 DR

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Calendar of Harptos

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