Investigate Wave Echo Cave, and seek out and confront The Black Spider, for Gundren Rockseeker and the good of all Phandalin

Rescue the Rockseeker brothers still in Wave Echo Nundro and Tharden, for Gundren Rockseeker

Return to Sister Graele and fill her in on the information about Bowgentle’s spellbook, as given by Agatha the banshee

Fill in Daran Edermath on what transpired at Old Owl Well, as he tasked the party to investigate it

Check in with Rhorvald Kinsmik, who was making an incredible chain for the party and needed their help to finish his house

Discover the whereabouts of Iarno Albrek (Glasstaff) and bring him to justice for his treachery against the Lord’s Alliance for Sildar Hallwinter

Return to the local head of the Merchants Guild, Rasputin Sevil, and fill him in on the gnolls at Starmetal Hills

Find what happened to the remaining members of Dorence’s party after it was ambushed by gnolls in the Vaesnir Badlands, particularly his wife, Neeba


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