Karma Watch

Good Karma:

What the party has done for Phandalin:

Stopped goblin raiding on Triboar trail

Stopped orc raiding

Pretty much cleaned out Cragmaw Castle

Kicked the Redbrands out of town

Cleaned up the town a bit (Ralph the barkeep and Harbin Wester)

Helped Rhorvald after burning his house down, with construction and benefit concert

Freed the three captives of the Redbrands

Helped Sister Graele with Harper’s task (information on Bowgentle’s spellbook from Agatha the Wraith)

Saved Neverwinter from Venomfang by convincing him to move out

Fixed up the Olive Goblin/Broken door and turned it into a reputable establishment, not

Begrudgingly healed a near-death stranger who was begging for help (Dorence)

Bad Karma:

Killed Dilly, the DM’s favorite character

Butchered menstruating Owlbear as it attempted to flee

The torture of numerous goblins, etc.

Cutting off a freshly-killed party member’s hand to remove a magic ring from it.

The wholesale butchering of a majestic mammoth and the subsequent parting-out of its body


Feeding Favrik (dragon cultist leader) to the plant monsters

Helping an old townswoman feed her pigs (with the corpse of a desiccated goblin)

Painstakingly decapitating a gnoll war chief with a rapier and claiming his head as some kind of proof-trophy

Karma Watch

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