Herein lies the total collective wealth of (The Couriers):

Liquid Assets: 220pp 677gp 274ep 1575sp
18gp “Camping” supplies (40ft rope, string, 3 tents, 4 days rations x3, 4 days horse food x2, -FREE BONUS jar of grease)
3gp Toki’s Fabric Fetish
Current: 677gp totsatm and a young dragon’s corpse(only slightly dismembered)

Spider Boss’s Grab Bag- 190 ep 130gp 5pp, 9 small gems, Hammered electrum mug
Ropers Guts-2(100gp) gem stones + 3(50g) more gemstones 15pp
Mind Flayer’s Murse-50pp, 3d6 gems, component pouch
Ancient Coins- 3227sp 938gp
Works of Art- 2 jade sculptures 3 gold rings
50pp(Nathala is a greedy hoe)
-1525cp to Mirna for her Loss
-100gp to Tymora for luck with the dragon
+200pp from Rasputin for the dragon downpayment

200gp Paid to Nethala Inn charges
+300gp Rasputin Reward

20gp Toki and Finrik shopping for bullshit

Real Estate: The Sleeping Giant The Olive Goblin The Broken Door Tavern (deed is in Huey Long’s name)

Stocks/Bonds: 9% share of Wave Echo net profits

Other Investments:

Misc: A broom, mammoth tusk, dragon talon (Finrik), gnoll war chief’s head w/ horned helmet, Illithid skull, Illithid signet ring, (decoy cards made by Roison)
One book on loan from Roison’s library- “Loving and Caring for your Gnoll Pet”



The Ballad of Toki Robinson GeoV