The Madness of Vetkin the Exile

The Madness of Vetkin the Exile

On spell cast or time of DM choosing, 2d10 (01-00), lasts 1d4 rounds/minutes:

01-10 Vetkin’s eyes roll back as he retreats into his mind and becomes paralyzed; damage ends

11-20 Vetkin is frightened by terrifying hallucinations, and must flee; when effect ends, regain a spell slot that must be used immediately

21-30 Vetkin’s skin pales as he experiences the overpowering urge to consume strange things; if he doesn’t consume, the Hunger will consume him

31-40 Vetkin experiences uncontrollable tremors; disadvantage on all atk rolls, ability checks, and STR and DEX saves

41-45 Vetkin wrathfully attacks the nearest creature with his sword or a melee cantrip; deals max damage

46-50 Vetkin’s forehead forms a green eye in the center; granting advantage to Perception checks and attack rolls

51-55 Vetkin’s mental fortitude slips, causing him to babble incoherently; cannot speak or spellcast

56-60 Vetkin collapses into a cocoon of eldritch energy and falls unconscious; gains resistance to all damage

61-65 Vetkin is incapacitated with uncontrollable screaming, laughing or weeping; when effect ends, the Arms of Hadar are summoned

66-70 Vetkin is barely able to contain the escaping power of the GOO; falls prone and casts Faerie Fire centered on himself but not affecting himself, casting an eerie green light

71-75 Vetkin’s eyes glaze over as he is overwhelmed by the GOO; he is blinded and becomes completely suggestible to others

76-80 Vetkin’s brain is wracked with the thoughts of everyone around him and is overcome with extreme discomfort and paranoia; suffers one level of exhaustion

81-85 Vetkin unleashes the madness of the GOO; his speed becomes 0 and eldritch blasts shoot from his body in a 360-degree arc

86-90 Vetkin blinks in and out of invisibility; grants disadvantage to all attacking creatures who rely on sight; then Misty Steps in a random direction within 30ft

91-95 Vetkin’s bandages fail to hold back the dark energy of his wounds; an uncontrollable cloud of Darkness spills forth

96-00 Vetkin fully gives in to the power of the GOO; one effect occurs of the DM’s choosing, listed here or otherwise, and in the manner of their choosing

The Madness of Vetkin the Exile

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